New property reporting tool designed to win leads is trialled by Zoopla

Zoopla has decided to try digital lead generation to win more prospects. The firm is focussing on an advanced property reporting platform designed to win more leads. Zoopla argues that the advanced “property Valuation Report” will help agents to win more leads. The PVR will employ data sourced by the data service “Hometrack” provided by Zoopla to offer exclusive, advanced and special local market insights. A section of vendors and agents who have tried using the report have already provided feedback to the firm’s portal.

In addition to offering confidence levels and valuation estimates, every report will provide vendors with high-quality insights regarding to their offerings including Zoopla search information, price changes, and average time to sell. The firm says that the data has been reserved previously for industry experts, surveyors, and lenders. The Zoopla provide agents located in the designated trial areas with an opportunity to download free reports. The reports will also be co-branded at the branch levels including contact, profile, and logo details.

The firm will also provide the reports to other external vendors at a standard charge of £19.95 per report downloaded on the Zoopla Hometrack’s online site. The automated valuation technique provided by the Hometrack helps to power the PVR and is utilised by 13 mortgage firms in Britain. The current trial provides free PVR access to the company’s agents located in different regions including Tunbridge Wells, Nottingham, Exeter, Chester, Cardiff, Brighton, Bath, and many other parts in the country.

Zoopla has established itself as an iconic digital lead generation agency on the market and is ready to replicate the same trials to over 72 locations towards the need of 2018. The trial will help agents in the targeted areas to demonstrate their local expertise with independent, reliable and accurate data and is one of the advanced agents that focus on innovations that are at an advanced phase of development. Charlie Bryant, one of the lead specialists at Zoopla affirmed their commitment to seeing the trials succeed. The trial essentially focuses on the agents and the company is committed to ensuring the users benefit from lead generation programs.

“The ValPal Network” is also providing online lead generation and valuation service and continues to persuade agents not to break for Christmas break earlier. The Network represents over 800 agency brands and over 4,000 branches. The agents are using the new business strategy to mitigate the risks existing in the uncertain market. According to the figures released in last winter, agents succeeded to generate more than 80,000 landlord and vendor leads from immediate digital valuation. Most agents have identified the need to work with digital lead generation firms to boost their volume of sales. Social media marketing campaigns are also expected to increase significantly in the first quarter of 2019.